Field Day is Approaching

Field Day is fast approaching (Field Day 2016 is June 25-26, 1800 UTC Saturday and running through 2059 UTC Sunday) and there’s some great news about a location. Likely this will be a hot topic for the June meeting, as time is short.

Here’s a snippet from an email Jarrod (K1LVA) sent out recently describing the location possibilities:

  A few months back I sent an email to Mike Dwyer KB1HAZ regarding this years Field Day location. Last year we held it at the West Newbury firehouse on Main St. It worked out great for the group and was a great spot for public relations. The fire department was very accommodating to our needs and we can’t thank them enough!
Well getting back to the email I sent recently, Mr Dwyer got back to me and asked if the club would be willing to hold Field Day at a different location. So the next day I met up with Mr Dwyer at the proposed location to get the lay of the land and to also make sure it would accommodate the basic needs of operating a field day event. The location is called Mill Pond Reservation. It’s a beautiful location with plenty of trees for shade and antennas, and a recreation building for us to use if needed. The building is huge and may have electrical power.
Now I know what you’re gonna say! “Now wait just a minute! Real field day stations don’t use commercial power!” Well I agree! So Mr Dwyer has offered to deliver a generator to the new location!! How great is that?
So more on the location, it is set off the road a little ways, but there is plenty of foot traffic that will pass right by our station. We will be allowed to put a sign out by the entrance, like a sandwich board or something to that effect. The pond offers a beautiful view which is conveniently located directly in front of the rec building. I believe there are also walking trails which is where all the foot traffic come into play. When I was there, the place was very active with dog walkers, kids, and couples sitting in Adirondack style chairs looking out over the pond. You really can’t beat the  site!!
So to sum it all up, a beautiful site with a gorgeous view, plenty plenty of room, shade, and has all the essentials we’ll need to have a successful field day. This is an unbelievable gift that the Town of West Newbury has given us and it would be my suggestion to the group that we take advantage of this gift and give Field Day 2016 a run for its money!!!